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How to End Cortana Processes

Methods to Finish Cortana Processes

The title is a little bit of a misnomer, as Cortana doesn’t actually run in any respect till you set off it. The one Cortana course of that continues to be lively exterior of the periods you set off is the SearchUI.exe operate, which handles the person interface within the search bar (close to the Begin button).

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That stated, that is an space that’s susceptible to freezing at instances or sluggish efficiency in others. If this occurs, normally all it takes to run pretty much as good as new is a fast refresh of the interface — which occurs by killing the method in Activity Supervisor.

Right here’s the way it’s completed.

  1. Use Management + Shift + Escape to drag up Activity Supervisor (or, proper click on the Begin button and choose Activity Supervisor from the checklist).
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  2. Click on Cortana to disclose the lively processes. As you possibly can see, the principle Cortana function is the one one utilizing any actual assets, and the runtime is mainly simply present whereas not drawing on a lot in the best way of processing energy or RAM.
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  3. Proper click on Cortana and choose Go to particulars to see what’s occurring. Right here, you’ll see that the one lively course of is SearchUI.exe, because it’ll be the one highlighted within the Particulars tab after clicking.
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  4. Click on again to the Processes tab and discover Cortana as soon as extra.
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  5. This time, proper click on Cortana and choose Finish process.
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As you possibly can see, it’ll pop again up instantly. What you probably did, basically, was refresh the search UI. This has a excessive likelihood of fixing any stuttering or points you expertise whereas looking.

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