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How to Boot Into Safe Mode

The right way to Boot Into Secure Mode

Home windows is often a flexible and dependable working system. However not at all times. Generally you’ll end up in irritating conditions the place your PC freezes, crashes, or fails to run sure or purposes. When that occurs, your greatest guess is often booting into Secure Mode, as a method of diagnosing the issue.

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Secure mode is a stripped down state of Home windows that disables non-essential applications. As soon as inside, you can begin to troubleshoot your drawback.

  1.  Click on the Begin button within the decrease left nook.
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  2. Click on Settings.
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  3. Select Replace & Safety from the Settings menu.
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  4. Click on Restoration from the listing of accessible choices.
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  5. Underneath the Superior startup part, click on the Restart now button.
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  6. Your PC will now energy down and boot again into Home windows 10. As an alternative of booting proper again into Home windows although, you’ll see an inventory of choices rather than the standard login display. Click on Troubleshoot.
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  7. Click on Superior choices.
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  8. Click on Startup Settings.
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  9. Click on Restart.
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  10. From the listing, choose the fourth choice, or press F4 in your keyboard. This lets you boot into Secure Mode.
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